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The Good Guys #1,2 server rules Empty The Good Guys #1,2 server rules

Post by FAIB╣│ on Mon Mar 31, 2008 2:26 am

As any other server we like to keep it nice without any fools ruining the game for others
so lets help eachother to keep it nice and clean.
And its you guys out there who desides whom to kick/ban by telling the admins. We cant see everything so you need to tell us wich one is ruining the game for you and of course we need some reason's for it so please tell us the game play nick and state the reason to kick/ban. We dont go on kick for any reasons so dont be misunderstanding me!
If you could do it more advanced by telling the players ID we would save some time. And not be too disturbed with it, as you probably have seen we do also play!
And if you are looking for a admin, just ask or look in the players list with a nick that contains a admin tag -> TGG, all admins should were one!
Im not gonna make a whole damn list about whats not allowed and etc, cous none would ever stay with it! So lets just keep it this way.
But for shure, i could tell you teamkilling, cheating/glitching, and un-friendly acting. and also high pings resolves to a ban!

Have fun!

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