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Post by Kabas on Mon Sep 24, 2007 12:09 pm

Here I am again with yet another comment. Smile

Now I have been playing the demo quite actively after a long break, and always been playing on The Good Guy's-server, I have noticed at several occasions, actually almost every time I'm playing, that people are kicked randomly and in some cases banned. Additionally I see a lot of abusive behavior from admins towards other players and eventually followed up by a kick because the player involved, unsurprisingly, answers back...
Furthermore I've seen examples of admins, that maybe earlier complained (kindly said) about another player because player involved was raping with planes, moments afterwards raping with planes? Contradicting? Who am I to judge?
Another thing I find annoying is when some admins kick people out in favor of some whining clanmate/friend pathetically crying about other players.

And by that said, I'm of course talking about the minority of the admins, I have also been positively impressed by some admins and my respect goes to those individuals.

I see a board on top intended to show the server rules, I've been anxiously waiting for quite some time now, so I hope someone would be kind to write them down.

Best regards,


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Post by FAIB¹³ on Thu Sep 27, 2007 10:17 am

Great post kabas!
If i would be realy serious and reply to this, i think i will have a huge fight with some other admins, so i think i will not xD
There will actually be made a little thing on our page soon, some names will be listed and beside it there will be a vote.
So now, its the fans time to choose the admin.
What do you think about that?
by the way, a ban usually doesnt stay longer than 1 to toppen 3 days....
but i hope there will be a system some day about erase all bans, maybe like 1 times a week maybe..
Sad thing that there is only 1 command in demo about bans, and that command erases them all..
And the reason for empty subjects, and the swe's homepage is that i made all this a bit hasty, and the admins havent realy talked it all about this yet.
I realy cant say when this will be finished. My days go by work work work... so im realy busy. and.... sad thing im feeling realy lonely (as an admin), with all this. no help....

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