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Post by FAIB╣│ on Sat Mar 01, 2008 6:02 am

There is a sad news for you Good guys Fans!
Server is down for good...

The reason is not out yet, but they will be stated soon..
We hope there will be a replacement (not that any other server can replace our loving SWE server thats been up for around 3yrs or what is it?)
i am personaly working on it at the moment to buy/lease a server.

For those who like to Donate, please contact on:
(Donations would help keep the server up and running.)

Editted 2 March:
Ok i found out some reasons why its down for good.
Our beloved friend from Sweden who had this server running for us all this time
had some internet problems and can not be hosting anymore. Well i guess he deserves a big clap for
beeing such good guy and have given us all these hours with lots of fun on his server!

Swe The Good Guys, you may now R.I.P.......... Crying or Very sad

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